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The Bizmod Way

At Bizmod we are driven by a culture of wanting to add value to the lives we touch. The Bizmodian intent is to leave all stakeholders better-off. This informs how we do consulting.

We believe that our style of consulting sets us apart. We don’t tell our clients what to do. Instead, together we set out to achieve your business objectives. When we listen to the client we come to understand their business, the issues, and together we shape a solution.

Our consulting style is based on a servant leadership model and best practice has shown that our accessibility and authenticity constantly appeals to clients.

Our robust and tenacious nature means that we do not walk away when things get difficult or complex. We work together through ups and downs, implementing the processes and ensuring an understanding of the solutions. When we pass the baton on, you will be able to move forward with confidence and success.

The company prides itself on its knowledge and expertise across industries. By establishing ourselves as a partner to our stakeholders, Bizmod is able to assist clients in achieving their goals.

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Bizmod is a level 2 under the new BBBEE codes. It is a 100% woman owned company. It is 52% black owned and 38.56% black woman owned.

Outside of the BBBEE requirements, Bizmod takes Corporate Social Investment to heart and invests heavily in the upliftment of girls and women. Building skills for woman entrepreneurs is at the heart of the company's CSI strategy. Bizmod aims to develop these women and girls, equipping them with valuable skills and a sense of self-worth, which will serve them well in both their personal and professional lives.

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Company Background

In 1997 Bizmod was launched, the initial consultancy was based loosely on a stokvel structure with the coming together of like-minded individuals.

Since then the consultancy has grown and developed into a sought-after business partner across industries in South Africa.

The partners in the business had a vision to provide organisations with a skilled professional service that focuses on what is important to the client’s business and provides realistic and sustainable solutions. Bizmod implements technical project based, solutions while focussing on the people. Today, Bizmod prides itself on this offering. Bizmod’s unique offering is being able to act as interface between business and IT, between technical and people.

Seugnet van den Berg is a constant factor in the business partners and was first joined by Anne-Marie Pretorius. Over the years, Jessica Tandy has joined Bizmod. The combined strengths, expertise and values of the partners have developed Bizmod into the company it is today.

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BEE  Company Background  Bizmod Team

Bizmod Team

We are fortunate to have a team who each possess high-value skill sets; each with a combination of Change Management, Project Management or Business Analysis knowledge. This allows us to tailor-make a solution based on our client's specific needs with ease and facilitates a higher success rate of the project delivery.

Seugnet van den Berg

Seugnet van den Berg's consulting work experience spans across complex projects in the Financial, Manufacturing and Information Technology Industries. Her strength lies in conceptualising and structuring solutions for clients. Through her consulting career she has worked on projects that have focussed on System Implementation and mergers with specific focus on Project Management, Change Management and Business Analysis.

She is known for her ability to develop, design, integrate and implement interventions across the process, people and system components of the business. Seugnet has a strong analytical background and an ability to work innovatively at both strategic and micro levels. She is know for her drive, pragmatism and the ease with which she operates across strategic and operational levels in the organisation.

Seugnet has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and other degrees in Banking and Human Resource Development.

Anne-Marié Pretorius

Anne-Marié Pretorius is a Principle Project Management and Business Analysis Consultant with 13 years of experience in Banking, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Insurance. The bulk of her experience over the past years has worked on projects that have focussed on System Implementation and Mergers, Restructures and project-based Project Management.

Anne-Marie has recently consulted on a strategic level and has assisted a major client with interim Operational Management. Her consulting career has seen her working with all levels of organizations and delivering high-quality results at each stage. Anne-Marie believes in going the extra mile and developing innovative ways to address issues and overcome obstacles.

Anne-Marie has a Degree in Law and an Honours in Human Resource Development from the University of Johannesburg. She also has an MBA from UNISA.

Jessica Tandy

Jessica Tandy is a principal Project Management and Business Analysis Consultant in the Information Technology, Manufacturing, Health, Telecommunications and Banking fields. Her consulting experience over the last 13 years has been in the fields of System Implementations, Restructuring, Organisational Transformation, Change Management and Project management. She understands the human component of processes particularly well and has a natural flair for knowledge transfer.

Jessica enjoys being in engagements where she applies the combination of her Project Management, Business/Process Analysis and Change Management skills set to delivering effective and innovative solutions. Her strongest assets are her ability to rescue implementations and bring them back on track and her ability to unpack complex problems and deliver a clear, structured approach in driving the set solution as well as taking all the impacted stakeholders along on the journey in achieving the set results. She believes that the most complex problems are solved by the simplest solutions.

Jessica has a National Diploma in Information Technology from the University of Witwatersrand.