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Track Record

Understanding work elements of Complex Projects

Bizmod's ability to conceptualise and implement new initiatives by paying attention to multiple work streams and our ability to work across disciplines provides great value to clients. When anything "new" is constructed, the ability to structure the initiative, focus on the delivery, and take the people with you in the process, contributes to the success.

All complex initiatives are run as projects with defined scope & deliverables.



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System Implementations

Bizmod prefers to remain product-independent. We are particularly proud of our Change Management and Training service propositions, developed specifically for System Implementations. One of Bizmod's major strengths is the ability to uniquely tailor propositions, based on years of actual on-site experience. While our propositions have a solid theoretical foundation, we know what works in practice and how to solve problems on the fly.

Restructures & Integration

The pressure, uncertainty and increase in political activity associated with mergers, creates fertile ground for instability in work environments. Organizations have to cope with changes on numerous levels:  personal, departmental, work, systems and environment. Bizmod has been involved in successfully implementing Mergers & Acquisitions strategies in various industries and have built a significant and specialised competence in a practical approach to Change Management.

We design appropriate solutions for dealing with specific challenges and opportunities faced by your company, in your market. Execution is key - how should the restructuring process be managed and the many barriers to restructuring overcome so that as much value is created as possible? Bizmod will gain an extensive understanding of your business and your needs and apply your supporting methodologies to make the transition as smooth and effective as possible. We manage restructures with two things in mind:

  • Mitigating risk
  • Minimising impact on production.

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We call it a complex project when a client asks us to assist with a New Initiative. This could mean starting a new department, implementing a new system or integrating one company into another after a Merger or Acquisitions.

The complexity refers to fact that projects like these usually have multiple workstreams and involves multiple disciplines. Typical workstreams would be People, Process, Technology, Products and Infrastructure. Typical disciplines required for a complex project would be Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management and Organisational Design.

It has a specific start and end date and a defined scope of the project. Project management principles are used to define the milestones and drive delivery of the project. Budget is defined for the project and there is a set process for engaging stakeholders.

Yes, the business frequently has the relevant skills to be able to do this internally but they lack the capacity to give this type of initiative the right focus and deal with the daily operational duties as well. There is always the question of what to do with the internal resources once the project is finished?

It is best to ring fence this kind of initiative as a project and provide dedicated resources that have done this multiple times and understand the pitfalls. Bizmod resources understand the project environment and they understand how to deliver in that environment.    They come with a combination of skillsets and can fulfill multiple roles simultaneously.

Where specialist skill sets are needed and they are available internally, we either include these resources as part of the project team or utilise them for specific deliverables. It is important to understand that once the initiative is set up the business has to sustain it. The more they are involved in the project, the higher the success rate of the initiative.

Track Record

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Track Record

Sub Category Client Client requirement  Bizmod Involvement Competencies utilized
System Impl Absa (Summex) To insure channel compliance This entailed collection of requirements from various stakeholder Business Analysis         Change Management
System Impl FPI

System selection

  Business analysis
System Impl Mutual & Federal


Major workflow implementation phased approach over 3 years


Requirements gathering, system design, development and implementation of BPM.

Business Analysis           Project management
System Impl NHBRC Oracle Rectification Project



Phase I – addresses the report findings for the Finance stream,  Reconciling the Finance Modules to the sub-systems, SCM findings and HR Payroll Phase II – addresses the findings for Siebel integration and the implementation of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and  eVFP systems

Project Management Business Analysis
System Impl Vodacom Customer experience transformation


Change Management for CRM implementation. Communication, Change Agent toolkit and methodology,       Change Impact management, Stakeholder management, Governance development , Governance implimentation  and Contract Management

Change Management    Project Management
New Initiative AIG/Chartis



Solvency Assessment and Management (SAM) project to allow the company to comply with new regulatory requirements and reporting

Business Processing & Design, Data mapping Business Analysis
New Initiative Ernst & Young



Project office implementation integrating deliverables on elements of structure, required technology, defining service offerings, process and methodology.  The project required extensive business involvement and stakeholder management

Methodology Development & customising methodology for client Project management    Change management
New Initatitve Weir Warman Process Improvement Project Defining of As Is process and Gap analysis, overseeing the end to end process improvement exercise, creating awareness    on executive level and extensive stakeholder management Business Analysis
New Initiative MTN Branded Distribution Programme National roll out MTN owned store infrastructure Operationalising Strategy intent

Project management      Project administration   Change management HR & OD Lease Asset management

New Initatitve Liberty Retail IT POPI Programme

Pogramme Management and Delivery of process Analysis, To-Be Design, Application requirement specification, Roll out, Awarness campaings, CAN establishement. End to end Programme delivery


Business analysis           Project management     Change management Contracts Admin
Merger & Acquisition MTN MTN Business Integration                      Restructure Integration                 Process & structure Re-design of structure, Implementation technical areas to support strategy, Optimization of structure & resolution management issues Business Analysis          Project Management     Change Management




MTN Group


Organisational restructure


High level processes, Job profiles & KPI's, rationalisation  of head count, Change management

Organisational design    Change management     Project Management
Restructure FPI Strategic direction change Organisational design  & developed a structure and outlined the initiatives and help to implement the initiatives Organisations design    Change Management

Mutual & Federal


Organisational restructuring including  the Business Model/Operating Model


Strategic alignment of people, process & technology, Business Case Development, Programme level planning

Business Analysis
Process implementation

Liberty Retail IT

User Access Management


Implementation of structures for user access  on all  System and Applications

Project Management   Business Analysis