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Organisational Development

What is Organisational Development (OD)?

Organisational development aims to aid organisations to bring about planned changed in an integrated way and contribute to the overall effectiveness of organisations. The interventions are varied but is always a planned activity that is deliberate in influencing the system in the organisation and can be either strategically or tactically in intent.

In our experience of Organisational Design at Bizmod, we have found that most organisations are coping with change in an increasing complex world. Our approach is in assisting with simplifying the complexities in the organisational context and supporting the organisation to execute the strategic goals. Our approach is therefore centred around assisting you to achieve your business imperative by operationalising your strategy.

At Bizmod we view organisational development as a business philosophy and strategy to embed the capabilities of:

  1. a shared mindset about purpose and meaning,
  2. fit for purpose work processes,
  3. competent, committed and enabled people to drive the strategy.

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Our Approach

Our approach is centred around assisting you to achieve your business imperative by operationalising your strategy.

Our clients have typically consulted us on our services when faced with:

  • The need to cascade their strategy their strategy to all levels in the organisation
  • Optimising team effectiveness and establishing a new corporate culture
  • Assessing competencies to mature capabilities in organisation
  • Dealing with wide-scale changes that need to be implemented

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Organisational Offering

Developing the purpose and people driven organisation

People are at the heart of creating the parts that make up the organisation. It is important to know what is your business imperative? How does it create value and what is the strategy to achieve it?

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How we Deliver


  • Strategy workshops
  • Culture and climate surveys
  • Competency assessments
  • Organisation design
  • Re-structuring for organizational effectiveness

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Team Offering

Effective teams build a better culture for a healthier organisation

Teams are responsible for driving the business imperatives and they essentially make up the organizational culture. Having the right people work together builds a strong team to sustain an organisation and deliver results.

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How we Deliver


  • Team dynamics
  • Team diagnostics
  • Team coaching

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Individual Offering

Building better equipped individuals to make stronger teams

Since individuals make up teams, its important to develop individuals to help build stronger teams as individuals can also make an impact on the organization. The smallest unit of change is ultimately the individual. Strong individuals make strong teams, and strong teams make a strong organization.

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How we Deliver


  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Leadership development

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